Solving for sleep

Since 2012, the Mimo team has been obsessed with sleep, and, specifically, baby sleep. As we built Mimo, we knew that our users were using our products to try to figure out their baby’s sleep - looking for patterns and searching for insight. We knew our nightly summary was insufficient when it came to insights, so we started working to deliver a new, better kind of product that could give actual solutions to sleepless moms and dads.

Slowly, surely, we realized that we could deliver a personalized, self-learning sleep coach to parents, all via an app. Using huge amounts of sleep data, behavioral science, machine learning, clinical expertise, and love, we figured out that we could help identify a baby’s sleep patterns, his or her parent’s parenting style, key problems the family was facing, and then deliver a customized program for that family to do, night by night, to get more sleep within weeks. This was massively exciting to me, as I’ve talked with hundreds of parents who just. aren’t. sleeping., and I desperately wanted to find a way to help them - to help make exhausted eyes less bleary, to make the desperate need for coffee a little less, and to help get back to the feeling of being even-just-a-little-bit-rested.

Then, I had a baby (Sammy!) myself. And I was exhausted. And struggling. Like this.

I was just dragging, all the time, trying to figure out what I could realistically do to get Sammy to sleep better. Each day since Sammy has been a couple of weeks old, I’ve been like “okay, cool, when can I start to get him to sleep through the night? How do I do it? What about swaddling? Naps? Is there a thing called a schedule? Who do I trust? Will I actually be able to let him cry or is it going to be too hard for me to listen to?”

As a first-time mom, I generally avoid the internet for parenting stuff because it’s a deep dark hole of scary for me. So that basically leaves my mom (a mom of six and thus no slouch in the knowledge department), my friends, and...books. I literally cannot stay awake to read a book these days, so that’s out. My friends have kids that are older and don’t remember the specifics of what they did for sleep, so while they’re supportive, they’re not tactically helpful in the day to day minutiae. And, I’m on my phone for hours each night (hellooooooo, Instagram!), and wishing that I was reading something helpful or doing something that would actually be proactive instead of scrolling through feeds of interior decorators.

So. My need for sleep got very real, very fast. At this point, I think about solving for sleep pretty much every waking hour, and I’m using my experience as a mom, my experience as an aunt and former nanny, and the experiences of our users and testers to help drive this new product (called Nod). I know that the things that matter for me are that it’s trustworthy and not scary, it’s super easy to use, and that it’s made for me in the middle of the night (i.e. for when it’s dark and I’m breastfeeding and can only use one hand with my phone). Above, all, Nod needs to deliver actual sleep for parents. We’re using a lot of incredible and game-changing technology and expertise to build Nod and make it work, but the goal is to have it feel simple, easy, and relatable as a parent.

If you’re a mom or a dad and you’re in the throes of sleeplessness, we want to hear from you, because we feel you and we’re trying to help. Email us anytime at or sign up to be a beta tester here, and I’ll keep you posted here on how my own journey from zero sleep to way more sleep goes. We want to help every new or growing family to get more and better rest, and it starts now. Help us make it happen!

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